Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Nidek LE 9000 SX Express:

Nidek LE 9000 SX Express:

- Year 2004
- 14000 Glasses
- new tracer in 2010
- superb condition....

Locate in Europe

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Used Optical Equipment- 2008

Coburn 108
Coburn 108ct
Coburn 2113
Coburn 113mx, hw, ws
Coburn 1008
Gerber Coburn SG-X
Gerber Coburn SG-X Turbo
National Optronics Vista I
National Optronics 2G
Gerber Coburn SL-2 Express
Gerber Coburn Lensmaker XRT
LOH Toromatic SL
LOH Version 8
Optek & Flo-Bob
DCE Vacuum (220 volt, 1 phase)
Large DCE Vacuum (220 volt, 3 phase)
Coburn Rocket System- contact us for pricing

Cylinder Machines
Coburn 506(4 spindle)
Coburn 505 (2 spindle)
Coburn 5004 (4 spindle)
Coburn 5005 (2 spindle)
Coburn 5000 (2 spindle)
Coburn 5056 (2 spindle)
Gerber Coburn Torics (2 spindle)
Gerber Coburn Acuity’s
Gerber Apex (2 spindle)
OWC (2 spindle machine)
Other Brands Available

Surface Blockers
Coburn 99 (alloy)
Coburn 95A (alloy)
Coburn 990 (alloy)
Gerber Coburn Step-One (wax)
Gerber Coburn Eclipse (wax)
Gerber Coburn Step-One Washer
Gerber Coburn Step-One De-Blocker

Laps, Lap Racks, and Lap Cutters
Standard Set of Aluminum Laps (approx. 1,000 laps)
Large Set of Aluminum Laps (approx. 3,000 laps)
Set of Plastic Laps
Coburn 1101 Lap Rack
Coburn 302 Lap Cutter

Other Surfacing Items
3M Surface Saver Tape Machines
Manual Tape Machines
Coburn 99sd Reclaim Tanks
Coburn 99ld Reclaim Tanks
Coburn Thickness Gauges
Clock Style Sag Gauge
Coburn Digital Sag Gauge
Coburn CS-7 Layout Markers
AIT 501 Layout Markers
Metal Prism Rings Pl-1.00 in .10ths & 1.00-6.00 in .25ths 300
Metal Prism Rings Pl-6.00 in .25ths
Fiber Prism Rings Pl-3.00 in .25ths
Coburn 404 Chiller
Coburn Small Chiller
Ultra Optics Mini II (Backside Coater – when available) 13,500
Gerber Coburn LTI LensCoater III

Surface Blocks
43mm Surface Blocks (all bases)
55mm, 63mm, 68mm Surface Blocks
Step-One Surface Blocks

Finishing Equipment
Weco 440 Edgers
Horizon II Edgers (Bausch)
Horizon II Edgers (Bodine)
BPI Tint Units (2 Pot)
BPI Tint Units (4 Pot)
BPI Tint Units (8 or 9 Pot with Gradient) 750
BPI Tint Unit with Large Stand Behind Gradient 800
AIT Speede Blockers
R5 Hand Stones (ceramic)
Misc. Diamond Stones
Groovers (Nu-Tech Style)
Salt or Bead Pans
B&L 70 Vertometers
Marco 101 Lensometers
Santinelli 7070 Patternless Edger (glass and plastic)
Horizon III Patternless Edger (plastic, poly, high index)
Accura CX- 3 years old, approx 5000 cuts- contact us for pricing
Essilor Gamma
Kappa N95 edger
Kappa M05 edger
Kappa M10 edger
Edgemaster II Automatic Bevel Edger

Email: info@foresightintl.com for a quotation.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Oculus Easygraph

Bought new in December 2004 for $8000. There is a scratch on the outside of the unit but the instrument is in very good working condition . Accepting Offers

Located in Hawaii .

Humphrey Zeiss GDx Vcc

Factory tech recertified, databases cleaned. Includes printer, manual and latest v5.51 software. Price: $21,500


Heidelberg HRT II

Heidelberg HRT II with macula module


*1.7 glaucoma and 1.2 macula

Price : $19,500


Paradigm P60 Ultrasound Biomicroscope

Included is the computer, cables, 50 MHz UBM probe, 12.5 MHz B Scan probe, 20 MHz B Scan probe, and printer. Monitor, keyboard and mouse are not included. 6 months old. List price is $47,300
Price : $25,000 or nearest offer

B & L 217 50Hz excimer laser

Fully serviced in excellent working condition. Service records available. This laser is upgraded to do the spectrum of Zywave treatments: tissue saving, personalised, aspheric. Also includes zywave abberometer.

Accepting Offers .Located in New Zealand.

DOTmed.com - HUMPHREY FDT 710 perimeter Ophthalmology General

DOTmed.com - HUMPHREY FDT 710 perimeter Ophthalmology General

DOTmed.com - NIDEK EC 5000 Laser - Excimer

DOTmed.com - NIDEK EC 5000 Laser - Excimer

DOTmed.com - SCI-CAN Statim 5000 Ophthalmology General

DOTmed.com - SCI-CAN Statim 5000 Ophthalmology General

DOTmed.com - SCI-CAN Statim 2000 Ophthalmology General

DOTmed.com - SCI-CAN Statim 2000 Ophthalmology General